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  • Made in Germany
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Mount-Flix basic-set plus (blocks / bricks incl. accessories)

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Mount-Flix ® This basic set "plus" includes:

  • 160 building blocks (1 block 124 mm x 40 mm, height 12 mm)
  • 4 ladders approx. as high as a vertically placed basic block with treads for playing figures
  • 2 magnetic figures (randomly red, orange or yellow).
  • ≥ 320 plug-in pins in an assortment box. The pins available on the market vary in diameter between 4.85 and 5.05 mm! When repurchasing, please be sure to use the size of the original supplier (4.92-4.95mm), since a larger pin will irreversibly widen the holes and the originally thinner pins will then no longer exert any clamping force.
  • 1pc toy pliers
  • vehicle accessories (external tools are needed for assembly)
  • a ramp
  • a felt box (30x30x30cm)
  • a sturdy product box which is also used for shipping beforehand

GTIN: 4 170000 004288

Warnings: Caution. not suitable for children under 4 years small parts can be swallowed, therefore danger of suffocation risk of injury on edges, corners and clamping tongs Please keep the packaging!

An educational toy, made in Germany

Creativity and imagination, motor skills, concentration, manual dexterity, 3 D understanding and a whole lot of play, fun and joy are guaranteed with Mount-Flix. Its basic building blocks, which can be assembled three-dimensionally, can be created as structures of any size that are sturdy yet flexibly modifiable, or can be excellently combined with other established toy figures, vehicles and trains as a building base. This way, every child becomes a creative master builder! - food safe "Build your own world the way you like it!"