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plug-in Mount-Flix

motor skills and concentration:

To build stable structures, the holes in the building blocks must be connected with pins. Good concentration, close attention and sensitivity when putting the parts together is a prerequisite for success. To loosen the pins, pliers can be used if necessary. These are all great exercises that train both gross and fine motor skills.

Fun and enjoyment:

Constructing on your own, either from a template or from your imagination, is incredibly fun. When you then create the highest tower to the ceiling or build a great catapult, either alone or with friends, it not only brings a lot of joy, but the success of having achieved something also fills the children with great pride. It makes them happy.

3 D Understanding:

It's a different feeling of play when building blocks don't just reach one level of play, but towers are built high up under the ceiling.

This promotes three-dimensional understanding and imagination. In this way, children perceive the different effects and thus train their spatial perception.

This is of immense importance at the latest in school.

Role-playing games:

Alone, in pairs or with other children, slip into the role of the little master builder, for example. With the help of the magnetic men, who can hold many pins and climb up the ladder step by step, the children can practice how it works to help each other. They thus train their empathy skills and become self-confident constructors. Role-playing also helps reduce aggression....

Handicraft skills:

Building models actively trains manual dexterity. When the building blocks are put together with the pins and the pins are later pulled out again with the pliers according to the adult model, the child acquires technical skills at an early age. Technology becomes "tangible" with all the senses.

One sense of achievement follows the next and thus strengthens the child's self-esteem immensely.