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  • Made in Germany
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  • food safe

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1. from what age is Mount-Flix released?

Mount-Flix is released from approx. 5 years. At this age, children no longer swallow small parts and the fine motor skills are available. Some children can also play with it earlier, this should always be decided in the best interest of the child.

2. is it food safe ?

Yes, the blocks are saliva safe and completely harmless, even in contact with the mouth.

3. what is trained by Mount-Flix?

Motor skills, creativity, manual dexterity, spatial understanding, cognitive skills, motivation, concentration and most importantly, fun and enjoyment.

4. where is Mount-Flix produced?

Our production is located in Baden W├╝rttemberg.

5. what can I build with one package?

With the 160 blocks you can build a tower up to 2.50 m up to the ceiling, but you can also build different structures in all directions, because the blocks are drilled from all 6 sides and by the pins the structures are very stable.

6) How do I remove the pins from the holes?

Should it be too difficult by hand, a pair of pliers is included, this tool brings additional fun.