• Made in Germany
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  • food safe
  • Made in Germany
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  • food safe

Just imagine...

Your child is motivated to reach for his building blocks every day.

It connects these with the pins in a concentrated and sensitive manner.

It sings contentedly and happily to itself and lets the magnetic men transport the pins.

Step by step, the structure becomes higher and wider.

Your child stands self-satisfied and looks at his work from all sides.

It proudly and happily shows you what it has built:

"Look, I made this all by myself!".

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Mount-Flix raiser tower

Do you know this?

Your child has built beautifully. Dust is collecting on the floor because your child's construction has not been allowed to be touched for several days.


You have started building something great in the garden and are enjoying the last hours of sunshine of the day. Now it has to be dismantled. "No, I want to continue building tomorrow!"

No problem with Mount-Flix!

Your child simply carries his construction to another place, because it is not only light but also stable!

the Mount-Flix Basic-Set Plus contents:

  • 160 blocks
  • 4 ladders and 2 magnet figures
  • 1 ramp and vehicle accessories
  • 320 pins with PP assortment box
  • 1 toy pliers
  • one felt box and a sturdy product box, which is also used for shipping beforehand

In a few days your package will be at your home.

Extra accessories you can buy under the detailled product description.

Click here for more information about the included accessories and to order:

We are Sandra and Guido and together we have brought Mount-Flix to life.

Our children gave us the idea to make the structures really stable and they are also the ones who show us every day how much fun you can have using this educational toy.

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